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About IABC Africa

Initiating Africa Business Concept (IABC) International, commonly known as IABC Africa, is a youth-oriented pan- African entrepreneurial research organization centered on unveiling the principles and practice involved in setting-up, sustaining and administering Small, Medium and Large-Scales African businesses across the globe. provides real time managerial tips, practical steps to business growth, time management tips, marketing and revenue strategies and also shares stories of local entrepreneurs making waves across the continent and beyond alongside trending business news.

We provide an online platform where African entrepreneurs, founders, business thought leaders, innovators and influencers can share new ideas and offer strategic insights and how-to guidance for the people that make things happen. At IABC Africa we create experiences, share knowledge and build connections across all media channels.

As a growing name in entrepreneurial journalism, IABC Africa guides founders, innovators and influencers that are shaping our world–to propel their businesses forward. intends to fuel the spectrum of game-changers that define what it means to be an entrepreneur in the African soil today.

The IABC Africa Verified Business Profile is the perfect tool for helping entrepreneurs and small companies showcase their companies in self-developed attention-grabbing context while the IABC Africa Business Forum provides avenue for business starters, business thought Leaders, founders, innovators, and influencers to share knowledge, create experiences and build connections that last.