10 Mobile Apps You May Need as a Growing Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurs need to solve problems and provide solutions. These apps make this task easy for them.
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Nnaemeka Kenechukwu
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13th October, 2021
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 A mobile app is a type of application designed to run on a mobile device, which can be a smartphone or tablet computer. The advent of mobile apps has brought about a paradigm shift to the traditional use of mobile phones for communication. The evolution of technology gave rise to the innovation of mobile apps. 


A recent survey showed that Google Play Store is home to about 3.5 million apps while the Apple app store has over 2.22 million apps for IOS users. Each of those apps provides solutions to problems and convenience to the user.

An entrepreneur seeks to do the following:

  • maximize opportunities online.
  •  build his/her brand and persona online.
  • maintain an optimal level of communication with clients and business partners. 
  • keep up with the latest trends in your area of interest.
  • advertise and increase your audience reach through advertisement.

There are so many tasks to be carried out as an entrepreneur because problem-solving as an entrepreneur is a continuous process.  

This Mobile Apps helps you solve most of the problems mentioned above and to a greater extent increase your productivity and ensure you manage your time properly. 

Here are ten apps that will be beneficial to you as an entrepreneur.


LinkedIn is a great app that helps you connect with new people, build relationships, and network with potential clients and customers. 

Recent statistics show that there are over 65 million people in the world using LinkedIn to network with people. An entrepreneur can use LinkedIn to build his/ her brand, and also stay connected to the outside world. 

You can also showcase your works and share your ideas on LinkedIn as well as keep yourself updated with the latest trends and news related to your market.


Dropbox enables the user to share and store files and folders across the internet. It is a cloud storage device that you can use in both offline and online modes.

You can keep records of business deals, business transactions, and agreements on dropbox and easily retrieve them at your convenience. Dropbox also has features that enable you to scan documents, comment on files and notably share files with people who don't have a Dropbox account. 

Google Analytics 

This is an app that helps entrepreneurs monitor data, evaluate key performance metrics, execute tasks and build up reports. 

An entrepreneur is expected to make projections based on the available data and also measure the success of the venture periodically.  Google Analytics will help guide your decision-making as an entrepreneur as it will enable you to know marketing practices that add value to your business and the ones that do otherwise. 


Uber allows you to request a ride to any destination of your choice as an entrepreneur and also pay via different means. Uber is very important to an entrepreneur as it enables you to be where you want to be at any time without any constraints. Entrepreneurs are time conscious and as such an Uber app comes in handy for them. 


This app allows you to scribble down your thoughts and ideas instantly as they come. You can be in a taxi and all of a sudden an idea comes to your mind, you will need to write it. It enables you to organize and plan your daily activities. You can also capture photos, create a to-do list, and record voice reminders with Evernote.


MeisterTask is an app that enables you to assign tasks to individuals and set deadlines for team members. The application enables you to place activities according to your priorities and monitor the progress of your team members that you have assigned various tasks. 


Most Entrepreneurs always look to expand their knowledge through reading. Reading exposes you to different schools of thought and ideas which in turn makes you versatile. The audible app enables you to listen to books without actually focusing on the book. You can be listening to your book while engaging in other activities.


Zoom is an extraordinary communication app that allows connecting with multiple people at the same time from all over the world with cloud-based innovative technology. In the comfort of your sitting room, you can host conference calls, negotiate deals with your clients and customers, meet new partners from different parts of the world. You can access all these lucrative features with Wi-Fi or an unlimited data connection. Zoom’s chat utility also lets viewers communicate with the host and other attendees, ensuring a collaborative classroom setting.


Slack records over 5 million active users every day. It is one of the most popular instant communication and messaging platform for quick decision-making. The desktop and mobile app allows you to create private or public channels to share information and important documents.

Slack also allows you to integrate more than 1500 apps to ensure you spend less time switching between apps. Slack guarantees you communication in a secured and single platform.


Trello is a project management app that helps in sharing information and ideas. The app gives you the flexibility to carry out end-to-end project tracking. It does so by helping you categorize, create and prioritize tasks. Trello can be synced with desktop or mobile, to enable you to stay with your team on one platform.

Depending on the type of business you do, the demography of your team and customers, and your territory of operations, each of these apps can serve to grow your business.

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