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Businesses exist to solve problems. In doing this, they must find an efficient way to conserve resources while meeting the needs of their numerous customers.
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Obi Gospel
Founder of IABC Africa
26th June, 2019
3 mins read
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We hear many say there are no jobs. The fact however is, in the midst of no jobs, there are multitudes of vacancies in most firm that needs to be filled but few suitable hands to handle them. Sometimes, even the firms are unaware that there exist a vacancy that they need to fill until it is brought to their notice. Are you surprised? 

Hmmmm...Yea, it happens. 

Building a vibrant team is one of those key factors to business success. No one employs you just because you read in Harvard or had a Masters (though this will go a long way to enhance your chances), they get you into their team because you have the same vision as they do, their kind of goal-meeting spirit or can proffer viable solutions to their business-days' hurdles. That's what makes you best fit for a job.


If you have ever desired to work in a particular company, here are few things to do:

1. Inquire about the Company

Check out what they are all about, identify their goals, sales targets, daily hurdles and how you think you can add to their business growth. That's the good step.  The proposal method of seeking for a job entails that you position yourself as an entrepreneur offering your services to the company for a monthly pay. In this way, you keep your entrepreneurial motivation on. Remember, If you do not have anything to add to a firm, do not bother looking for a vacancy in there. Like the entrepreneur, you are to be employed to be a solution.

2. Search them out Online:

If you have found your choice company, please search them out on the net, identify and follow them for quite a period to understand how they operate. Also get a list of their management board, check out their qualifications, search them out also on the net, follow them individually to learn how they think, find a missing link about their products, and try to identify customers' feedback.

3. Get to know their Competitors

Also acquaint yourself on information about their competitors, their share of the market and how they are edging up with competition. Also identify how the competitors are doing things differently. 

4. Build Yourself to Represent the Industry

Oh Yes. Having done relevant researches about the industry, you must have identified the missing links. Build yourself to represent the industry you wish to work for by training yourself like an entrepreneur about to be called up to submit a proposal on how to better the lot of a firm within the industry.



  • You can't be in a team if you do not have the same vision as they do, no matter your qualifications.
  •  Following a firm you want to work in on the web daily gives you a semi-insider kind of view and also allows you to view customers' feedback thereby enabling you to discover a niche you can fit in best in the company sphere.
  • Train yourself to become a consultant in even in minute areas of the industry.
  • You can present yourself as an entrepreneur using your skills to provide solutions to the firms' daily needs within the industry.
  • See your pay as an entrepreneurial rent and work towards earning bigger by acquiring more skills needed to engage in the firm's daily businesses.
  • When next any firm within the industry call for a job application, you can comfortably send in [or go in with] a proposal instead.
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