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Lumos Nigeria Introduces Lumos Eco and Prime to Ease Tariff Hike on Nigerians.
Designed to reduce electricity costs by up to 70% while running household appliances, Lumos Nigeria has launched new products called Eco and Prime.
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Image Credit: Lumos Nigeria
Ayeni Idowu
Supervisor @ Ison Xperiences International
3rd September, 2020
1 mins read
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While Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) across the country on Tuesday began the implementation of a new electricity tariff regime, Lumos Nigeria, a subsidiary of Lumos Global, a Dutch off-grid solar energy company, in collaboration with the cell phone operator MTN (Nigeria), recently launched two solar energy solutions, “Lumos Prime” and “Lumos Eco”, which is designed to reduce electricity costs by up to 70% while running basic household appliances.

Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) said it had commenced the implementation of the new service reflective tariff plan (SRT) across its franchise area.

The new electricity tariff is more than 100% increase and this took effect from 1st September, 2020. 

The good news, however, is that Lumos Nigeria has brought a relieve which is expected to be more accessible.

Lumos uses the rays of the sun to provide power for you.

The solar panel converts sunlight into solar energy which is stored in the Les solutions to support small businesses by providing power for compatible AC & DC powered devices.

Users can purchase electricity on demand using their mobile phones (MTN SIMs).

The two new products launched by Lumos recently are Lumos Eco and Lumos Prime.

Lumos Eco offers just enough power to meet your basic needs. It is small but mighty! It can power: Laptops, DC fan, radio, charge mobile phone and light bulbs.

Lumos Prime with double panels makes you enjoy faster charging, longer hours of use and increased output. It can power: small home theatre, LED TV (up to 50w), laptops, DC fan, radio, CCTV cameras, charge mobile phone, light bulbs and AC standing fan.

Worried about the new tariff hike? Go Lumos!