Nigeria's Edtech Startup, Studiare Secures $300k Worth Partnership with Uk's Mindfit Ltd.
Studiare leverages MindFit’s technology to build a School in the cloud for Africa.
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Image Credit: Studiare Global//Faith Nwaobia
Obi Gospel
Founder of IABC Africa
24th March, 2021
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Nigerian edtech startup, Studiare, has secured a partnership with UK-based advanced learning company Y2PG, of MindFit Limited in order to address behavioral and learning gaps in Africa’s education and employment sector. This is contained in an official press release sent to IABC Africa.


The partnership announced today allows Studiare to incorporate MindFit's infrastructure in their operations, to take the Y2PG product to market in West Africa as they launch their edtech platform which includes features such as e-Store, publisher, and literary work promotion, looking to develop the educational content and learning character for the African market. Targeting all scholars but currently focused on tertiary and secondary school students across the West African region, Studiare plans its phase one launch to be in May 2021, having been in development for 6 months.


Speaking on the partnership and upcoming launch of Studiare, CEO Faith Nwaobia says, “Studiare is built to scale competencies across Africa's educational sector and as thus we are delighted to have kick-started our impact process with MindFit. Considering how much results the team has achieved in the UK edtech space we are optimistic that this deal is one that will support Studiare's right footing to address SDGs 1, 4, & 8.


Nwaobia concludes, “This partnership is a great boost to the Studiare brand, and considering the vital space it covers, I have no doubt of its sustainability. Of course, education is a global product especially when it's a lifelong solution as well as a highly sort after offer as it is for soft skills in the future of work.”


Still speaking on the partnership, CEO of MindFit, Neville Gant adds, “This partnership means so much to us considering the scope it covers. Providing a digital platform for unrivaled soft skills acquisition which is highly sought after today. We are delighted to collaborate with the Studiare Global brand which is designed to offer innovative edtech solutions making knowledge available anytime to anyone at any time. Studiare School will offer an action-based practical curriculum that is not presently taught in schools.


People should expect a new system of e-learning with full activity modules considering that the Y2PG platform (Mind Fit/Studiare Solutions) runs under the same methodology as a regular classroom, however, it's purely a school in the cloud where everything you need to learn to build your soft skills and attitude is guided with activity classes. It's not the regular e-learning platform where answers are stereotyped, rather, you cannot progress without actually practicing each lesson. We call it 5% E-learning 95% E-doing. In Pakistan where this e-learning curriculum has been introduced outside of the UK, many organizations have witnessed improved performance among employees after signing them to study on the platform. Same with many students, professionals, and freelancers who have signed up and have significantly improved their soft skills. We project that the impact of this platform would be greater in Nigeria.``


In conclusion, Neville revealed that "on a financial value rating, this deal is worth more than $300,000 considering the technology that's being deployed to bring this solution and MindFit is confident that the Studiare model is worth every penny. And if we are to consider its scalability, with the level of success MindFit has been able to achieve in the UK, Pakistan and other countries, in two years from today, this deal would have doubled its value to over $1.5 Million."


Yes, this is a huge deal for both parties.

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