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Personal and Business Development: A Path Through Failure
In personal or business development you have to always be willing to learn, take a risk, and never be afraid of failure because it is inevitable.
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Umeojiako Joseph
Founder of Cheta-Write
15th September, 2020
3 mins read
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If you can recall when you were learning to ride a bicycle — how you kept falling and getting back on the bicycle. Then you finally learned how to ride, and immediately started learning some bicycle tricks which probably led to more falls but you kept going till you mastered those tricks.

That's how everything in life is, from the stage of maximum failure to the stage of mastery. But the problem is that people want to avoid failure as much as they can, hoping they can get to success without failing; of course, it is possible to avoid failure but the possibility is very slim. The best thing is to embrace failure so you can focus on your journey to success.

What if Thomas Edison didn't persist for more than 1,000 times during his light bulb experiment, do you think the light bulb would have been in existence by now? Or even if it is, it would have taken another 10 or 20 years before it was discovered.

From birth to your present age now, all the things you know are either what you were taught, heard, felt, or seen. So if you can go from not knowing or being able to do a particular thing to doing and knowing it, why then will another thing be different? Or why would you be afraid to keep learning? All you probably need is a few failures and you will be good at whatever you set your mind to do. But that doesn't mean that everything has the same level of difficulty, no; but if you are really interested in it, you can learn it and even master it.

Personal development is a journey of challenges, consistency, and willingness, and the most interesting part of it is that you might not even see or feel your progress. But so long as you are learning and doing something different, you are definitely thriving. Also, there is this urge to always go for an easier challenge or task — I strongly recommend that you don't succumb to it, because if something is easy, what it means is that a lot of people can do it and that's how you can easily end up as a mediocre.

But if your aim is to be world-class, outstanding, and desired, do yourself a favor and go for the bigger, tougher, and more challenging tasks because the reward is always huge and with great honor. Also, it usually takes a longer time to achieve bigger dreams but it's always worth it. But if you cannot take the bigger challenge, there's absolutely no problem, just stick to the one you can do. The most important thing is you keep learning and growing no matter how little and never dwell on your mistakes.


If you read or listen to the stories of men like Jack Ma, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Aliko Dangote, and Jeff Bezos, what they all have in common is that they all didn't let failures, disappointments, or mistakes keep them from building their business and added to that, they were always learning and improving their companies. That's why they achieved such great success.

Companies like Coca- Cola, and PepsiCo are always looking for a more innovative way to pass their message across, and to keep informing the consumers about their products, even though they are basically household names. And they also introduced new products from time to time, some of which failed (New Coke, Crystal Pepsi) and many a massive success. That's why they continue to grow and progress. But a very little company that has had only two or three years of success, will begin to relax, stop taking risks or putting effort to make their business better and some will even cut advertisement/marketing budget because they think they've arrived. Few years down the line, the business will begin to decline.

In personal or business development you have to always be willing to learn, take a risk, and never be afraid of failure because it is inevitable. In fact, failure helps you develop by showing you ways of doing things that do not work.

Finally, so long as you are alive, your personal development should be a priority. And so long as you are still running a business, always seek out ways to develop your business.

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