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Seven Ways to Make Money Online as an Undergraduate in 2021
The chance of making extra cash online as an undergraduate is higher than ever, the internet makes nearly everything accessible, regardless of your location or device.
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Image Credit: Ifeanyi Onu//IABC EDC
Micheal Nneoma
26th October, 2021
4 mins read
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Surviving in school is not an easy thing and is freakishly expensive. As an undergraduate, you cannot always rely on your parents or guardian for upkeep money, handout, and school fees but with these seven proven ways to make money online, you can become the boss of your own, and not only that, you also will be able to create a satisfactory life of your dreams. Seven ways to make money online include;


Are you good at writing or do you have a passion for writing then you are just one step to your breakthrough, you can turn your passion into a career that can profit you for a lifetime? Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online, and it has changed the life of many and you can’t be an exception, you can earn a living by being a blogger and the good news is that starting a blog is much easier than you think, all you’ve got to do is:
• Choose a nice blog name for a start. 
• Then head over to Qserver, Whogohost,  or any other web hosting platform and sign up for the basic plan.
• Install WordPress and an affordable theme.
• Get your blog online.
• Write and publish compelling content.


Freelance writing is writing for more than one client and getting paid per assignment. As an undergraduate, you can make a living by writing and sharing your ideas to websites for cash. Some websites are willing and ready to pay you to write compelling content for them and to share your ideas. Some of those websites include ( e.g. Huffington Post, Content, The Penny Hoarder ). Sign up for one of these websites and start making money.


Are you a graphic designer, web designer or do you want to be one, then there are ways to make money from your skills that you should know.
• Be open to freelance work.
• Design and Sell T-shirts on stock sites like BonFire, Freepik, PatternBank, Adobe Stock, etc.
• Design social media content.


You can teach people what you are good at online and you can make a good amount of money teaching people from the comfort of your home. The truth is that the online education industry is a fast-growing industry, Digital Education has provided breakthroughs, and students nowadays go for digital education WHY? Because it’s less time-consuming, its flexibility and it’s cost-effective. So why not turn your skill into a career that can earn you a good amount of money, even as an undergraduate you can also teach the course that you might have been taught and that you are very good at. 
Here are Steps to Creating and Selling Your Course Online
• Create a course that you wish to sell.
• Choose and sign in to a selling platform e.g. Selar, Ispring Market, Udemy, etc.
• Start making money by promoting your course; you can start posting them on social media.
If you can write Educative, Informative, and Compelling Content then selling courses online is quite lucrative.


If you own a blog, website, or maybe you’ve got a good social media influence, then you can start promoting companies’ products and services online and earn some money. In affiliate marketing, you earn a commission for recommending products or services to your family, friends, or even your readers. You can start by signing up to be an affiliate marketer for Amazon, SFI, etc.

6. DO SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) 

 Learning SEO is a sure guarantee to making money online, the only thing you need to do is to acquire the necessary skills that can help you unlock your success online. Learning Search Engine Optimization isn’t as difficult as some may find it to be, all it takes is time set aside to learn the various SEO concept and practices, from understanding how search engines work to technical SEO. Search Engine Optimization can earn you a good amount of money in the following ways:

• Start an SEO business.
• Become an SEO freelancer.
• Set up a blog and start making money from Ads.
• Create and sell SEO courses online.
• Build and sell SEO software.
No doubt, any of these can earn you a good amount of money, but it all requires patience because SEO is a long-term strategy.

7. Do Market Research Online

Market research is all about collecting information from your customers, finding out their ideas and choice. There are some companies out there who are willing to pay to know what you think concerning their product, services, etc. you can start by signing up for one of these sites:
• People for Research.
• Focus 4 People.
• Saros etc.
Some other companies specialize in online surveys e.g.
• Swag buck
• Afrisight
• Toluna
• OnePoll etc.

By engaging yourself in any of these ways to make money online as an undergraduate, you are sure of not depending on your parents, guardian, or even friends for upkeep money, school fees, etc.

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