The Cry of an Eluded Set - A Call to Entrepreneurship!
When the leaders fall short, the youth bears the pain.
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Obi Gospel
Founder of IABC Africa
26th June, 2019
2 mins read
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......." Applause. He said it all. Just before the sun sets!

In our schools today, we are trained to think like others who perhaps at their own time thought for themselves.
We are pressed to sink in theories with little or none of our own inputs.
We are driven to subordination without course.
And now, because they cannot vacate their seats or may wish to retain it a little longer we are tagged unemployable, untrained, unruly and restive.

Education standard has fallen and is still falling, probably because our teachers like we, failed to learn when they were in classrooms. Or because we outnumber their combine capacity. We may acknowledge that perhaps they felt they are paid less to give in their best or maybe the poor facility in place will take share of the blame.

Today's job descriptions are ever increasing and broadening but available job offers are narrowing by the day, the number of the unemployed is increasing hourly and youth under-employment rate is alarming.

Consequently, the youths have lost their value - their true sense of self-worth. They like Esau are ready to make do sufficiently with the cow's tail if the cow itself seem too hard to come by. Like the fictitious Thomas Beck they do not know where they are headed. They are stuck in-between accepting "a slice even when the whole loaf is theirs" or losing it all. Sure, they go in for the former.

This is not without cause, the youths of this day have been so impoverished that they 'beg' to trek for a price - the rich and wayward has utilized this to the nation's disadvantage.The youths are now tools for suppressing government thought-out policies by the few rich to favour themselves to the detriments of the youths. Most of the recent uprisings are but the outcome of a failing and falling generation.

Nigeria as a nation seem to be without a known good norm - where if it glitters at instance then it's worth dying for but if it does not at the moment then save your life for another day.

This generation of leaders has failed - the federal and state government administrators, high school and college teachers, parents, community heads, others - they had failed to make the youth a vibrant and self-thinking one. They have failed to translate into the youths what made them what/whom they think they are. They have in turn blamed the youths for their woes.

One thing is certain though I wish it not to be - we have been eluded when our time was come and the greatest of the fear is that the generation after us are but quick learners who may take over even before the baton is pass unto us. If this be, the youth of this day may stay the shortest in high profile leadership positions. This perhaps may be 'THE ELUDED GENERATION'.

 As a youth, what are you doing to fit in?

Acquiring an extra professional training, planning to be an entrepreneur or advancing your education for the better?
The choice is yours alone. Don't just watch, Act!

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