Three Marketing Tips to Grow Your Small Business
Small business are springing up everyday
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Image Credit: IABC EDC// Ifeanyi Onu
Nnaemeka Kenechukwu
Editor at
28th April, 2021
2 mins read
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According to Convergehub 2019, over 50% of small businesses fail in their first year. These statistics are not to discourage you or make you perturbed about your chances of succeeding in your small business. These statistics should spur you to do everything possible to succeed. Small businesses spring up every day and to gain an edge over others you need to know why their businesses fail within their first year. 

One of the things you must get right is marketing. If you get your marketing right, I’ll am convinced you will witness a lot of sales that will help your business stay afloat.

These three marketing tips can help you grow your small business:

1.Network with people

 Networking enables you to meet people. You can build relationships through networking. You can’t network with people without showing genuine commitment to what they stand for or what they represent. There are little details that give you an edge when it comes to mandatory. Everyone has an interest and you must see things from the point of view of what that person wants, else you risk being seen as a selfish person that is after what you will gain. Before you tell people about your business. Let them, tell you about theirs, let them know that you are interested in helping them. That will spur them to go an extra mile for your own business too.

2.Leverage on social media

Use your social media very effectively. You can promote your business on various social media. Identify the keywords and trends that appeal to your customers. Make the profile of your businesses attractive to your customers and make it impossible for people not to be interested in doing business with you once they come across any of your platforms on social media.

Then, unless you have a special social media team for your marketing, it is better than you try to grow your audience on one platform. You stand a chance of leveraging well on one social media platfrom than spreading yourself thin.

3.Double down on the right tactics

Find a strategy that drives sales immediately and double down on it. The impact of the strategy should be measured based on the number of sales it brings when it is implemented. There is a way to track and record the metrics of your marketing so that you know the more effective one. A periodic review of your marketing plan will give you insight into statistics that can help you make good business decisions. 


There are many more tips that can help you grow your small businesses asides from the one mentioned above. You must pay attention to vital detail like customer satisfaction. This is will likely give you an edge over your competitors and keep you on top of your game. 


We at IABC are routing for you.


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