Understanding How Brand Evangelism Works
Brand evangelism promotes rapid business growth
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Image Credit: IABC EDC// Ifeanyi Onu
Nnaemeka Kenechukwu
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2nd June, 2021
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The excitement in her voice was unpalpable and I felt it from I was. Shola has just closed her biggest deal since she started her cake business.


She got off the phone with the super customer that connected her to the person that she sealed the deal with. This was a big win for her business. It was exactly the kind of deal she dreamt about and it has for her. 

Now Shola is more determined more than ever to double down on her efforts.


She has reaped the benefits of having a brand evangelist. Shola resolved to continue to grow her list of brand evangelists.


Who are brand evangelists?

A brand evangelist is a customer who is crazy about a product or service that they share their positive experiences with others. They spread the word about your brand. Brand evangelists are your “super fans”

Your regular customers buy your products and pay for services but brand evangelists actively promote your services on social media, they use their platform to advertise your service.


Brand evangelism might sound modern and pleasing to the ear but it is one of the oldest forms of marketing. It is simply word-of-mouth marketing. It is an effective form of promotion.

Shola had people who were genuinely committed to spreading the word about her brand everywhere.


What Brand Evangelism is not 

Brand Evangelism is not hiring paid influencers to promote your products and services. It is also different from brand ambassadors. Brand Evangelists recommend with you with strong conviction borne out of satisfaction derived from using your product.


How can I encourage brand evangelism for my brand?


Focus on your existing Customer base 

The aim of creating a business is to grow the business while also getting new customers. The first group of persons you should target. The first group of persons you should target if you are looking for brand evangelists is your existing customers. Focus on upping your customer service game and personalize your services. Be intentional about going the extra mile to satisfy your, customers. 

Understand your Customer
Have a good understanding of your market demographics. Know what appeals to your customers,  how they think, and what are their challenges. Having a good knowledge of what resonates with them will enable you to take actions that will appeal to them. 

Perform extraordinary services

Equip your brand to perform beyond the ordinary for your client. Go out of your way to impress your customers with resources available to you. This should be a priority.

Create a strong brand Identity

Relate very well with your customer through your Identity. Use attributes that your customers like, to showcase your brand. 

Grow your community 

Brand evangelists can turn your business into a movement. Create ways to reward your loyal customers. Organize giveaways and other things that will help foster the growth of your business. 

Treat your employees right

You have to treat your employees right if you want to have a team that will be good ambassadors of your brand. Happy employees inevitably serve as ambassadors of your brand and will pass the positive experience to your customers. You can’t provide excellent service to your customers whilst having unhappy employees.  Make your employees cherish working with you. 


Understanding how important brand evangelism is as important as making it work for you. Aspire to meet the needs of your customers. . Amplify your message and earn your super fans.

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