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Ways to Support Small Businesses
Small Businesses need your support
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Image Credit: IABC EDC// Ifeanyi Onu
Nnaemeka Kenechukwu
Editor at
1st April, 2022
2 mins read
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Small businesses are privately owned sole proprietorships that have fewer employees and less revenue than a regularised business. In most cases, it is a one-man business, small businesses are all around us. It could be your friend that sells wares on his WhatsApp, it could be that plumber that is your neighbour that just started his business last year, or it could be your friend that is into dropshipping.

The economy of the country has taken a blight in recent times and this drives home the point that it is important to support small businesses as it is one of the mainstays of the economy. 

When you support a small business you are essentially fostering growth and development economically in your community.

  What are the ways you can support a small business?

Refer a friend 

Talk to your friends about the small business you patronise. Appeal to them with the major selling points of the small business. What makes their business unique? If they have a special offer you can share the fliers on your social media page. If you attend a networking event, you can talk about them if the business they do pops up in your conversations.  

Engage their posts on social media 

Watch out for their posts and updates on social media. You can share and comment on it to enable it to be seen by more people. Some platforms allow you to write a review for a business. You can also drop a good review for them and improve the ratings of their business.

Buy and pay full price 

You must pay for the goods or services your friend's small business renders to you. Don’t use friendship privileges to evade payment, you are killing the business by doing so. Failing to pay the full amount or paying half the price without completing the payment later is an easy way to put your friends out of business.

Provide Constructive feedback

This is very important. Every business has areas it can improve on. When the services you enjoy from a small business are a little bit off, always reach out to them. Do not keep quiet or pretend everything is alright, that feedback is helpful for the growth of their business. 

People that run small businesses need all the support they can get. Running a small business can be difficult, demanding and tasking although it is rewarding if you go all the way. 

It helps if you can support their businesses while they are in the process

Support small businesses today

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