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Why Weakness Has No Place in Business
Weakness will kill your business faster than any other thing.
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Umeojiako Joseph
Founder of Cheta-Write
20th August, 2020
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There's nothing wrong with being weak, but you should know the right place and the right time to be weak. You can be weak during unnecessary arguments at the bar and can even accept defeat so peace will reign, that's okay. But if you're weak when your business or means of livelihood is threatened that's very wrong.

Your business is one place that you shouldn't let weakness takeover, you must show strength at all
times. No one is asking you to look for trouble, no,  that's not what this piece is about. This one is about standing up for yourself and your business and doing the necessary things to keep your business alive.

For example when you make a handshake business deal with someone and they decide down the line that they won't honor it, and you forgive them without making them pay for doing you wrong, you are sending a very bad signal to everyone that you are an easy target and trust me they will pick on you. But if you find away to make them regret dishonoring your deal, then everyone will fear and respect you there by discouraging anyone from cheating you in the future.

Yes, you must be just, kind, considerate and good to people while conducting your business, but don't
ever let anyone get away with stealing from you, lying to you or deceiving you.

The more you let things slide the more people take advantage of you and before you know it your business fails.

I knew of a friend who kept selling goods on credit to his neighbors, which would have been great if they later paid.

The painful thing was that my friend's shop was the only place where those neighbors bought on credit, when they go to other shops or to the bar they would always pay. They were clearly taking advantage of his kindness, and when it was brought to his notice he still didn't do anything about it. He continued with his generosity and weakness until one day he couldn't pay his house rent and none of the neighbors helped him with any money.

Then he became strong and conducted his business the right way.

In his best seller, Think Big and kick Ass, Donald Trump emphasized on getting even with people when they do you wrong in business. Robert Greene in his book, The 48 Laws of Power, wrote on crushing your enemies as away to retain power.

Getting even and crushing your enemy in business is how to show strength and that's what you need to keep your business going and booming.

People need to think twice before they cross or cheat you in business, but that's only  if they know that you are going to get back at them. So, that fear and respect you get when you are strong are good for your business.

Weakness is also bad for business when it comes to the work output. If you are always complaining and feeling weak to do your job, you will not accomplish much. But when you stand tall and do the necessary work that is required of you, you will have a very successful business venture.

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