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A bouncing baby girl with a strong affinity for doctors' coats and books graced the world with her birth; she read and wrote for a living. Her name is Jane Chidera-samuel Okoji. Writing has been a interesting journey for me; I once struggled with words and letters in my early years, faced ugly writer's blocks head-on and retrieved my inspiration from their slimy grasp, and endured criticisms from mentors who were determined to read excellence in my writings. Along the way, I picked up the passion to write about anything inspirational, human, health, and fitness. Welcome to my safe place.

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How To: An African Woman's Guide to Financial Freedom
The African Woman is endowed with a lot of virtues, one of which is financial management. This article will show you how to groom this virtue and master your finances.

Stocks, bonds, real estate, what is an African woman's business with any of these? Does she have the right to gain financial freedom? Is financial freedom a mere m...

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