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My name is Joseph Cheta Umeojiako. I'm a writer and a business owner. 

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Three Simple Ways to Leverage Social Media to Give Your Business the Exposure It Needs and to Attract Customers Without Paying Any Money
In as much as your aim is to market your business, do well to give people a reason to want to visit your page.

Not everyone has the money for advertisements, especially now that the economy is hard for most people and it's even harder on those with small businesses. But the fact remains that business owners...

Personal and Business Development: A Path Through Failure
In personal or business development you have to always be willing to learn, take a risk, and never be afraid of failure because it is inevitable.

If you can recall when you were learning to ride a bicycle — how you kept falling and getting back on the bicycle. Then you finally learned how to ride, and immediately started learning some...

Why Weakness Has No Place in Business
Weakness will kill your business faster than any other thing.

There's nothing wrong with being weak, but you should know the right place and the right time to be weak. You can be weak during unnecessary arguments at the bar and can even accept defeat so peace...

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