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Entrepreneurs Three Skills an Entrepreneur Needs to Have
You need these skills to succeed as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship has a great appeal in today’s world. The rapid growth of the world of work through the globalization of the market and massive use of digital...

Starting a Business Ways to Support Small Businesses
Small Businesses need your support

Small businesses are privately owned sole proprietorships that have fewer employees and less revenue than a regularised business. In most cases, it is a one-man busi...

Entrepreneurs How to Grow Your Small Business
Growing your business in these times can be enormous task

Running a business amidst the uncertainties bedevilling the world economy now can be a hassle. At the early stage in the life of the small business, survival is the...

Starting a Business Grants for Smes In Nigeria
Do you have a business idea you want to establish or an already established business which you are confident can bring about growth to the economy and help change narratives?

Before we delve in properly, we would like to have an overview of what a grant is. Oftentimes, people misplace grants for loans. In this article, we have come to demystify some complicated terms.

Africa's Entrepreneur's Profile Top 10 african Entrepreneurs to Watch Out for In 2022
We tell you stories of the exploits of African entrepreneurs


2022 is here. The new year presents its challenges, opportunities and possibilities in equal measures. Entrepreneurs from different backgrounds, race...

Technology How to Switch to a Career In Tech
What does it take to become a "tech bros or tech sis", Take a look

How to switch to a career in tech 

These days, It is no longer unfashionable to stumble on job listings that reads 

Social Media Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Grow Your social Media Presence In 2022
Having a social media presence gives you the access to connect with a new audience.


With about 4.2 billion active social media users across the world, it’s enough reason to unseat you from your resting and social inactive state and embrace this global huge imp...

Personal Development 5 Common Mistakes Every Entrepreneurs Should avoid
Running a successful business career as an entrepreneur is tiring and sometimes difficult.

Establishing and running a successful business career as an entrepreneur is tiring and sometimes difficult. There are mistakes you are bound to make, regardless of how hard you try or how careful y...

Personal Development Seven Ways to Make Money online as an Undergraduate In 2021
The chance of making extra cash online as an undergraduate is higher than ever, the internet makes nearly everything accessible, regardless of your location or device.


Trending Business News Breaking! Crystal Dave Marble and Granite Company Unveils Don Charles Maduka as the First Brand ambassador of the Company.
Crystal Dave Marbles takes a giant step to solidify its presence in the Nigerian market.

Crystal Dave Marble and Granite Company have announced Don Charles Maduka also known as Pitakwa as the companies first brand ambassador. 

This was contained in a statement released by...