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Manufacturing Top Seven Local Car Manufacturing Companies In africa
Though widely unsung, Africa’s fast rising local car manufacturers are giving their counterparts in the developed world a run for their money.

“With a rapidly-growing population, an overall growing economy, and relatively few vehicles per residents, Africa may be the next hot auto market,” says Craig Guillot, a business writer...

Starting a Business Starting Up a Business In africa - the Dos
Knowing what to do when starting out a business in Africa is paramount to ensuring its success on the African soil.

Starting up a business can be generally tasking - more energy, time, money and expertise may be required to birth a viable business into existence. When the needful are not done, things may go wron...

Starting a Business 7 Smartest Things to Do as a New Startup Business
Starting up a business can be quite daring and challenging however keeping up with what it takes to sustain the business can make the journey more interesting.

A startup business is a business in its early years of existence. It is presumed as a new entrant into the market sphere. To survive in this new environment, the startup must learn some smart ways...

Inspiration Self - Determination
Survival, they say, is for the fittest. In a world where it takes fitness to survive, self – determination is key to developing such fitness.

The earth is being marched upon by over 7 billion people, a number which is over 200% of its inhabitants in a century past. Excellence and distinctions are micro – factors in being distinguis...

Africa's Economy Why You Should Invest In africa
Africa is fast rising and only those who invest now will benefit later.

The best time to invest in Africa is now; it is however disheartening that foreign investors have not move into the continent, as quickly as expected because foreign investment decisions are often...