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Customer Service Management Understanding the Role of Call Centre Calibration In Improving Customer Service Delivery
Call centre calibration is one of the effective tools for ensuring quality customer service deliver in the call room.

One of the major strategies to delivering consistent and superb customer service through a call center is to regularly engage in a systematic call calibration process.

In these sessions, ca...

Startup No such Thing as Super-ideas In the Startup Stage
Ideas are not primal, the people are!

Customers are the reason why businesses exist. A business without a paying customer is at a dead end. In due course, it will meet its ultimate end. As seemingly superb...

Social Media Three Simple Ways to Leverage social Media to Give Your Business the Exposure It Needs and to attract Customers without Paying any Money
In as much as your aim is to market your business, do well to give people a reason to want to visit your page.

Not everyone has the money for advertisements, especially now that the economy is hard for most people and it's even harder on those with small businesses. But the fact remains that business owners...

Inspiration Why Now Is the Right Time to Own an online Business
If you've ever wanted to run your own online business, this is a great time to do so.

This article is generated from a pool of online resources and hence do not refer to the opinions of IABC Africa or its Management.

Many a time "you've considered running a business...

Job Search A Proposal, Not an application: Engaging the Entrepreneurial Spirit In Job Search
Businesses exist to solve problems. In doing this, they must find an efficient way to conserve resources while meeting the needs of their numerous customers.

We hear many say there are no jobs. The fact however is, in the midst of no jobs, there are multitudes of vacancies in most firm that needs to be filled but few suitable hands to handle them. Somet...

Trending Business News Lumos Nigeria Introduces Lumos Eco and Prime to Ease Tariff Hike on Nigerians.
Designed to reduce electricity costs by up to 70% while running household appliances, Lumos Nigeria has launched new products called Eco and Prime.

While Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) across the country on Tuesday began the implementation of a new electricity tariff regime, Lumos Nigeria, a subsidiary of Lumos Global, a Dutch off...

Inspiration Start Up Young, Go Beyond Bounds
There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ template to run a successful business, this is where some business coaches gets it all wrong. The energy of a youth, however, is unimaginable.

Entrepreneurship is all about identifying opportunities, creating choices and building something from the ground up. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world capitalize on opportuniti...

Personal Development Personal and Business Development: a Path Through Failure
In personal or business development you have to always be willing to learn, take a risk, and never be afraid of failure because it is inevitable.

If you can recall when you were learning to ride a bicycle — how you kept falling and getting back on the bicycle. Then you finally learned how to ride, and immediately started learning some...

Inspiration The Chinese Bamboo Tree and the Zimbabwean app Developer: the Difference Is In the Perspective
Excellence in business goes beyond just motivation, it requires adequate business education.

I am both – a motivational speaker and a business coach. I have learned the huge lesson of drawing the line between both. Motivation is good for take-off, continued growth, and sustenance of...

Marketing Three Marketing Tips to Grow Your Small Business
Small business are springing up everyday

According to Convergehub 2019, over 50% of small businesses fail in their first year. These statistics are not to discourage you or make you perturbed about your cha...